Azure SDK for .NET 3.0 available for Visual Studio 2015/2017

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Windows Azure SDK for .NET, which include SDKs, basic tools, and extended tools for Visual Studio development for Azure Cloud enabled applications.  Microsoft has released latest Azure SDK for .NET along with Visual Studio 2017 (RTW). The new version v3.0 will support only Visual Studio 2015/2017, if you are using Visual Studio 2013 you can use Azure SDK for .NET v2.9.6.

You can have both the version side by side, by uninstalling earlier version first for Visual Studio 2013 and installing latest version to support newer visual studio.

There is not much major changes included in this release:

  • All the tools you need to do Azure development will be part of Visual Studio 2017 going forward.
  • For Visual Studio 2015 the SDK will still be available through WebPI.
  • Microsoft have discontinued Azure SDK for .NET releases for Visual Studio 2013 now that Visual Studio 2017 has been released.

Download: Azure SDK for .NET 3.0  – VS 2015   |  VS 2013 (v2.9.6 )   |  All Versions (including Java/Node.JS)

Creating Visual Studio 2017 Offline Installer

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In my earlier article, I shared the details to download various Visual Studio Editions. This is an online installer which would require associated packages to be downloaded from online Microsoft sources.  Means Microsoft is not providing an Offline ISO as a download like in Visual Studio 2015. This would be a time consuming process depending of the packages you have selected to install and your internet bandwidth provided by your ISP.

With this few steps I am going to walk you through necessary steps to download all necessary packages to create an offline installer. Depending on the modules you select, package size may grow up to ~23GB.

First Step:   you would need to download associated installer  bootstrapped file.

Edition Setup File Name Command
Visual Studio Enterprise vs_enterprise.exe vs_enterprise.exe –layout c:\vs2017offline –lang en-US
Visual Studio Professional vs_professional.exe vs_professional.exe –layout c:\vs2017offline  –lang en-US
Visual Studio Community vs_community.exe vs_community.exe –layout c:\vs2017offline –lang en-US

Second Step: Go to the folder where you have saved the associated exe. Open Command Prompt(CMD.EXE) and  execute the associated command for the related executable for the edition you want to  create offline setup for.

It would take a while to complete the download of all packages.

Final Step: Once the  above step is completed, without errors, you can find that you yourself has created an offline installer. Take a back to external USB for later use or copy to other machines as necessary.

Now go to “c:\vs2017offline “ and run the associated exe and select the options you would need to install. It would get installed faster, and you can reuse the same installer multiple times without the need of downloading every time.

You can learn more about additional switches to download only what is needed  here

Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 RTM–Final–Released

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Microsoft has released Visual Studio Lightswitch 2011 RTM(Release to Manufacture).

Visual Studio LightSwitch is the newest edition of the Visual Studio family and is the simplest way to build business applications for the desktop and the cloud. For the end-user developer this means you can quickly create professional quality business applications with minimal code.

For the professional developer you can customize LightSwitch with your own code, controls and even build extensions that can add more capabilities than what you get out of the box.

Download Visual Studio Lightswitch 2011 RTM TRIAL (ISO)

To know more about Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 RTM


read more on MSDN Team blogs..

Extensions in Visual Studio 2010

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 comes with a nice feature that will allow us to download Productivity extension plugins from Visual Studio Gallery. Visual Studio gallery consist of tools/Project Templates/Controls (Productivity Extensions) that will enhance our application development capability.

You can directly browse and install necessary extensions through “Visual Studio Extension Manager” located right under “Tools” -> “Extension Manager”



When you open Extension Manager you could see different options and Currently installed plugins



Or you could choose “Online” list from left side menu and browse through different extensions available in different category and can choose to install.  Or you can find updates for already existing Extensions.

This is a really nice feature I like in Visual Studio 2010, but most of the developers who are using Visual Studio 2010 are not leveraging ultimate capability of Visual Studio 2010.

Few cool extensions I always use are

NuGet Package Manager

Productivity Power Tools

VS10x Code Map v2

Visual Studio Color Theme Editor 
JScript Editor Extensions

WCF REST Service Template 40(CS)

AnkhSVN – Subversion SCC Provider


Visual Nunit 2010

VS10x Comments Extender

Architecture Layers Patterns

FxCop Integrator

Try it out guys..