Build Apps on BlackBerry 10 platform and win guaranteed prizes

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Ever dreamt of showing your expertise in App development on BlackBerry® 10™ platform? devworx brings you a chance to live out your dream.

Welcome to BlackBerry® 10™ Apps Challenge.

Build Apps on BlackBerry® 10 platform & win guaranteed prizes.

For every:

  • 2 apps: Gift voucher worth Rs 1200/- +3 month’s Digit Subscription
  • 3-4 apps: Gift voucher worth Rs 2500/- + Cowon Earphone
  • 5-9 apps: One BlackBerry® PlayBook™
  • 10 or more apps: One BlackBerry® PlayBook™ + One BlackBerry® Dev Alpha

No Registration fees required to participate!

So, what are you waiting for? Participate & unleash your expertise in App development on BlackBerry® 10™ platform.

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Participate Now

Develop Applications for Windows Phone and win a trip to Barcelona–Presenting to you by Windows Phone Geek & Nokia

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To celebrate the launch of the Lumia 920 and 820 devices, Windows Phone Geek and Nokia are offering awesome prizes for developers in the Lumia Geek 8 Week Challenge.

Developers can win a trip for 2 to MWC in Barcelona, customized Lumias and their very own demo space at MWC in Barcelona.

All developers need to do is submit a new or updated version of their app to the Windows Phone Store.

There are prize categories for overall best app, best use of Lumia technology and for the app that gets the most votes from the Windows Phone Geek community.

This 8 week competition runs from 13th November until the 8th January during which developers can submit their apps on the Windows Phone Geek web site.

Prize Categories

“Ultimate Lumia Geek”

These prizes will be awarded for the best overall apps picked by our judges.

1st prize:

  • Trip for 2 to MWC in Barcelona. Includes: Airfare, Hotel Accommodations, & Event Passes App Demo @ WIPJam @ MWC Customized Nokia Lumia Device & Nokia Gear
  • $300 ad credit on Nokia’s Ad Exchange (NAX)
  • 1 Year Free Subscription to Nokia’s Premium Developer Program (NPDP)

2nd prize:

  • 1 Free Pass for MWC
  • Accommodations @ special “WIP Developer Pad” in Barcelona App Demo @ WIPJam @ MWC Nokia Lumia Device & Gear
  • $200 ad credit on Nokia’s Ad Exchange (NAX)
  • 1 Year Free Subscription to Nokia’s Premium Developer Program (NPDP)

3rd prize:

  • App Demo @ WIPJam @ MWC
  • Nokia Lumia Device & Gear
  • $100 ad credit on Nokia’s Ad Exchange (NAX)
  • 1 Year Free Subscription to Nokia’s Premium Developer Program (NPDP)

“Best Lumia Technology Showcase”

  • This prize will be awarded for the best usage of core Lumia features. (Lumia camera & imaging, NFC, Nokia Maps & Location or Nokia Music APIs) App Demo @ WIPJam @ MWC Customized Nokia Lumia Device & Nokia Gear$200 ad credit on Nokia’s Ad Exchange (NAX)
  • 1 Year Free Subscription to Nokia’s Premium Developer Program (NPDP)

“People’s Choice Awards”

  • Prize for apps with the most votes from the community
  • Nokia Lumia Device & Gear $50 ad credit on Nokia’s Ad Exchange (NAX)
  • 1 Year Free Subscription to Nokia’s Premium Developer Program (NPDP)


Go to the Windows Phone Geek web site to find out more!

Microsoft Community Techdays 2012 – Hyderabad – on Novemeber 28th 2012

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Microsoft has announcement the Community Tech-days 2012 which is going to happen in all the cities in India. This is the first time Microsoft has announced such a big opportunity for developer community all over india to experience the ultimate developer event “Microsoft Community Techdays“.

You can find the details about all available locations :
Here is the agenda for Hyderabad on 28th November 2012

Time Details
08:30 am – 10:30 am Registration
10:00 am – 10:30 am Opening Keynote
10:30 am – 11:15 am Platform for Windows Store Style Apps
11:15 am – 11:30 am Tea Break
11:30 am – 12:15 pm Designing a Windows Store App
12:15 pm – 01:00 pm Windows RT for the .NET Developer
01:00 pm – 01:30 pm IE10 – Moving the web forward
01:30 pm – 02:30 pm Lunch
02:30 pm – 08:00 pm Coding Session

NB: Agenda may change based on the availability of speakers.

For event updates and registration visit –

Read more on relating article at ComputerWorld India news

Zurker– a Social Network with Ownership

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Zurker is a new social media site where you become an investor and earn shares. You can buy up to 500 shares(it is the limit) of Zurker and you will become an investor for this Social Network.

To make it simple – Zurker is a member owned application. Once you join Zurker, you becomes one of the owners of Zurker. Each of your friends join with your referral you will get 1 or 2 shares each.

This means Zurker isn’t owned by a select few venture capitalists who stand to make billions and billions. There is nothing wrong with the idea of venture capitalists making billions from tech investments, but in the case of a social network, the priorities get skewed.

Right now Zurker membership is based on Referrals. Give it a try?, If you want to join Zurker, use my referral link –

Read more about Zurker on

At Last I am Married

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I had taken a break from my blogs for a while, reason? My Marriage. Marriage is a special moment, and I wanted to enjoy and remember every moment of it.

I am happy to announce to the world that I am Married, and my bitter(not better) half is Punnya. Punnya is funny, smart & simple girl with lots of craziness and I love her a lot.

Marriage was on AUG 18th 2011 @ Thalassery, Kerala, India , and it was a Traditional Mallu marriage. Smile I loved it that way, except seeing too much gold on her, but her Saree and gold ornaments combination was awesome, and she looked as a Charming bride Smile.  I wanted it to be more traditional, a simple marriage in a Temple, would have been awesome. But this was exceptionally good, I enjoyed my life’s best moment.

Here are few pictures from our marriage.





My Experiment with Windows Phone 7

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My Experiment with Windows Phone 7

Note: This article is a modified copy of a mail I passed to my team and removed all references to our work from the content. Since this is for information purpose only, I thought it would be helpful for the Developer Community out there.

Recently few week back, I got a chance to take  a glance at Windows Phone 7  – Device that has been acquired for my organization team recently.

I was doing some testing with Windows Phone 7 device.  I love the snappier and smoothness of the device and the UI. The device is a HTC Surround – Windows Phone 7 device with 16GB, Dolby Digital Surround sound speakers.

Let’s Start with Experiment

I initially decided to know how we can install an Application from Windows Phone 7 – Market Place.

For installing  app from the Windows 7 – Market Place we would need Zune Software installed on your PC/Laptop.

Both “Zune Software” and Windows Phone 7 needs a “Windows Live ID” to get access to Market place.

Steps to follow

1.) Install “Zune Software” on your PC

2.) Connect your Windows Phone 7 to PC through USB. Zune will detect your phone.

3.) Login/Register to Windows Live ID using Zune. Fill in the details specify a Unique name for your self to display in Zune.

4.) Login to your Windows Phone 7 using the same Windows Live ID credentials.

5.) Open “Zune Software” again. Browse through the marketplace on the Zune. Search for “APP_NAME_HERE”, you can find it available FREE in market. Try to download it.

It will prompt you to disconnect and reconnect your windows phone 7 device again.

This is necessary since Zune will check whether you have logged in using “Windows Live ID” in Windows Phone 7 device as well. This check happens when we each time connects the device to the PC.

6.) Reconnect your Windows Phone 7 – Device.

7.) Try to download the ” APP_NAME_HERE ” app again, it will show a message that soon application will be downloaded and installed to your device.

8.) After few mins it appeared in the “Windows Phone 7 – Device” menu.

Developing & Deploying a Windows Phone 7 App

As part of understanding the Windows Phone 7 concepts we developed a PoC(Proof Of Concept) application “<APPNAME-IS-SECRET-COULD-BE-REVEALED>”. For now let’s call the application name as “X6”.

I tried to deploy a debug build of “X6” to the Windows Phone 7, and it prompt me with a warning that device is not “Developer Unlocked“. Only Developer unlocked devices can be used to develop and deply Windows Phone 7 Applications.

To get Developer Unlock the device, we would need an account with “AppHub” – Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 – Developer portal.

Getting  an Annual Membership(Developer Account) with “AppHub“, requires us pay an yearly Subscription FEE of around 99$ (4630/- RUPEES in INDIA). Unfortunately lack of enough balance in my budget, I opt out of registering 🙂 :-).  I wanted to get registered and try out some apps etc. But I felt it would be good if Microsoft introduce some favorable annual subscription rates for individual developers like me, I develop for passion I have on the Technology, to get some insight in to that Technology. Any way after some time when I have enough balance I would add it up

After getting a developer account with “AppHub” we can “developer unlock” the Windows Phone 7 device(note that “network unlocking” or “sim unlocking” is different,  I am not talking about it here). I am talking about unlocking the device to allow to deploy and test with manual developer builds( without the need of publishing the application to Windows Phone 7 – Market Place).

The First Experience :

The device is HTC Surround – HTC T8788, 16GB Internal memory, Dolby Digital Surround sound speakers.

Pros :

  • The touch UI pretty awesome, flawless sensitivity. Multi-touch pinch to zoom is good in viewing pictures etc.
  • Well-built snappier UI, nice color combinations plus clarity of the HTC LED screen is made the device awesome.
  • Microsoft Office Mobile version looks cool with windows Phone 7 panorama view.
  • Panorama view is really good for the phone, if you have lots of information to be displayed in a single view.

Limitations :

  • No multi-tasking support. ( coming soon on March 2011 as a major update )
  • No memory card support. ( this is the case for most of the windows phone 7 devices available  in the market, because there were few issues for Microsoft fix with external memory card support)

What is AppHub ?

App Hub: is the website created just for Windows Phone and Xbox LIVE Indie Games developers that provides free tools, sample code, community support, and educational resources to help you develop your apps and games for Windows Phone and Xbox 360.

App Hub Annual Subscription : For a $99 USD(4630/- INR) annual subscription, you can submit your apps and games to App Hub for sale or free download in the Windows Phone Marketplace or Xbox LIVE Marketplace. We provide you with a personalized dashboard to manage merchandising, track downloads, and keep track of how much you’re earning.

Below are the 3 types of accounts available in “AppHub”

  1. Company
  2. Individual

  3. Student

Hope the features of different accounts are self-explanatory to you from the account name itself.

** Each developer account can be used to unlock or use against 3-4 Windows Phone 7 devices.

** Developer Account – Subscription tenure is “Yearly”

Hope this information would be useful any way. Please correct me if any missing points are there.

AppHub Url:

AppHub How it Works :

Windows Phone 7 – Market Place :

Windows Phone 7 – Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2010 : Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW

Additional Developer Resource Links

Recent Updates to Windows Phone 7

January 2011 Update to the Windows Phone Developer Tools providing bug fixes, a new emulator, and utilities. This update is composed of two installation files and includes the contents of the deprecated October 2010 Update.

Scheduled March 2011 Update to the Windows Phone 7 – OS – include Multi-tasking, IE9, Twitter integration and Office document sharing on Windows Like SkyDrive.