This is a quick listing on some of the software updates and released happened from Microsoft in this recent weeks. So that you all can keep updated.

Windows Azure Platform Training KitDecember Update

Windows Azure Platform Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content to help you learn how to use Windows Azure, SQL Azure, and the Windows Azure AppFabric services.


ASP.NET MVC 3 provides a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework on top of the ASP.NET 4 runtime.

Windows Azure Tools and SDK 1.3

Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio, which includes the Windows Azure SDK, extends Visual Studio 2010 to enable the creation, configuration, building, debugging, running, packaging and deployment of scalable web applications and services on Windows Azure.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 Beta

This web installer downloads and installs Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 Beta. An internet connection is required during installation. See the ‘Additional Information’ section below for alternative (ISO) download options. Please Note: This installer is for all editions of Visual Studio 2010 (Express, Professional, Premium, Ultimate).

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 SP1 Beta

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft’s ALM solution that helps teams to be more agile, collaborate more effectively, and deliver better quality software faster. Project artifacts are stored in a data warehouse and rich reports provide historical trending, full traceability and real-time visibility into project status.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 KB2162169 – BETA

Update to .NET Framework 4.

Windows Server AppFabric

Windows Server AppFabric is a set of integrated technologies that make it easier to build, scale and manage Web and composite applications that run on IIS.

SQL Server 2005 SP4 RTM

Download Service Pack 4 for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and view release notes.

Entity Framework CTP 5

This CTP is a preview of the Code First Programming Model and Productivity Improvements for Entity Framework 4 (included in .NET Framework 4).

UC “14” Developer Training Kit

This training kit provides deep technical training on all aspects of the Lync Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2010 SDKs to give developers the skills they need to be productive developing communications driven business processes.


Windows Identity Foundation SDK

Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide – Code Samples

This sample illustrates the steps towards building an application for the Windows Phone 7 interacting with backend services hosted in Windows Azure.

Visual Studio 2010 F# 2.0 Runtime SP1

This download installs the F# Runtime 2.0 SP1, which includes the runtime components needed to run programs built with the F# programming language.

Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools – RTW

This release enables Visual Basic developers to create Silverlight applications for Windows Phone 7 using the final version of the Windows Phone Developer Tools.

Courtesy : Microsoft