Hi All;

We have our Community Techdays scheduled for 18th Dec 2010.

The event is FREE and you do not have to do anything other than having registered yourself for the event and attend the event on the meeting date.

Tips For Registration :

1. Use either top Menu “Registration” -> ” In-Person” event for registering to the event.
2. If you are willing to attend for an In-Person event please select attending venue as “Hyderabad” in In-Person section of the registration from.
3. Check the mail 1 or 2 days before the event, for invitation letter for the event. (You have to print the invitation mail and bring the copy with identity card (PAN, Voter ID, Company ID, Driving license, Passport etc.). Since the event is going to happen in Microsoft IDC, Gachibowli, Hyderabad you need to follow the security procedures.
4. You are not allowed to wander in the campus other than the meeting venue, since Microsoft is providing us the facility we should follow their procedures to ensure safety of theirs as well as ours. Mostly meetings will happen in Building #3 and we have the access to the Ground floor only. We are not allowed to go through the stair case to see what’s up there. (In last event security has to escort few people down stairs after they went ahead the stairs because of curiosity). It’s natural and lets not repeat the same again.
5. Read through the mailer below.

Register Yourself:

Click on “Register Now” on the mailer


go to www.communitytechdays.com and select top Menu “Registration” -> ” In-Person

Welcome all of you to the event. Let’s make this event more collaborative and successful.

If you are not able to view the below mailer properly, please click here.

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